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Corporate Videos.

Does your Video have a professional and persuasive voice that creates brand recall?

A Corporate Video is a powerful marketing tool and it’s the best way to consolidate your company’s image.

TV, Radio and Social Media Commercials.

Reach your target market in a more efficient way with a voice that conveys every detail of your product or service.


Promo & Imaging

The voice used by your brand is the image of your company. Therefore, it must be a professional voice that gives your brand personality and distinction.

Movie Trailers

A voice talent that can describe and convey all the emotions of a movie is essencial for a good trailer.


The global e-learning industry represents a value of more than US$ 250,000 million and it’s having a very fast growth in Latin America. It is a market where educational institutions, companies and content producers are making great investments. People are changing the way they learn and this is where e-learning plays an important role, allowing everyone to acquire knowledge through an e-learning platform in an interactive, fast and responsive way. To achieve this goal it is very important to count on a voice that creates credibility and connects with students.


A professional corporate voice shows the best image of your company through the telephone and allows you to provide better service to all your customers. It becomes a powerful Marketing and Sales tool for the commercial management of your company. See more

Video Games

This is an industry of more than US $ 135,000 million and it is growing rapidly worldwide. This makes the production of video games increasingly demanding and competitive. One of the most importat pieces in the production of Videogames are the voice actors who must be credible in order to give life to each character. This is essential in the final result of the product.


A professional voice actor narration is one of the most important aspects in a good documentary. The voice talent must be able to attratc the audiencie with a great voice.


Explainer video

Nowadays companies are needing professional voiceovers for informative, training and motivation videos which will help you establish a more direct communication with your employees, customers and visitors.